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 [Map] ac_industrial [beta]

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[Map] ac_industrial [beta] Empty
PostSubject: [Map] ac_industrial [beta]   [Map] ac_industrial [beta] EmptyFri Jun 19, 2009 9:22 pm

This is the beta release of the map, i worked on it for a week, planning it out and building it to my plans. I of course will make improvements (based on your comments) Thats why its beta =P The map is a bit similar to the map ac_depot (especially the blue base)

Map size: Medium - Large
Players 6+

Map stats:
216 light
62 player start, 14 RVSF, 14 CLA, 34 FFA
3 Pistol
5 ammobox
8 grenades
7 health
2 armour
3 akimbo
106 mapmodel, 103 clipped
23 ladder
2 ctf-flag, 1 RVSF, 1 CLA



[Map] ac_industrial [beta] Mapimg
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[Map] ac_industrial [beta]
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