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 =KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP

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=KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP Empty
PostSubject: =KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP   =KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP EmptyMon Jul 06, 2009 12:59 am

Name (real and Ingame) Dan/=KeB4B=(used to be KFCDAN)
Age (Optional) 1990
Fav Mode & Map TOSOK Desert
Fav Weapon Tosok Knife, DM/CTF Shotgun
Fav weapon combo I dont rly care
Previous or current clans |CeNt|, {SUN}, =CTK=
Why you want to join the clan U guys r great players and I know ur leader
How often you are on assault cube once or twice every other day... for like 1-2 hrs. WARNING, I AM NOT ACTIVE MUCH IN THE SUMMER
Means of contact (skype + msn) pancake_dan
How you heard about us from Burst/Playaa
Where are you from Czech Rep.
Whats the GMT in your country GMT +1 winter, GMT+2 summer
Extra info (coding, map making, server hosting) not much... just graphics (Sigs Banners ETC)

Also, I wont be able to be active (AC-wise) until like October, so I wont be tessted till then I guess... and I cant make sigs till then either Very Happy... So overall, im just planning ahead.

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=KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP Empty
PostSubject: Re: =KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP   =KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP EmptyMon Jul 06, 2009 8:34 am

Welcome to the forums Dan! Your application has been accepted and now you are in testing, so when u open up AC search "|NR|" and if anybody is on ask them for a test. The Quicker you get tested by members the quicker we will come to a decision!
Razz cya in game
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=KeB4B='s (KFCDAN's) APP
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