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 |NR| vs IAF| 2v2 (win)

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|NR| vs IAF| 2v2 (win) Empty
PostSubject: |NR| vs IAF| 2v2 (win)   |NR| vs IAF| 2v2 (win) EmptyTue Jul 21, 2009 1:30 am

well Shield pwned from the start in desert and i didnt do so well going down to -2 and getting autokicked for my score going below the threshhold (LOL) but we adjusted well to infern0's nade spamming tactics and ended up winning by 20.

In Shine we pwned throughout and my combo of handgun, sniper and nades was almost unstoppable and shields defence was tough, ggs

|NR| vs IAF| 2v2 (win) Iafm10

|NR| vs IAF| 2v2 (win) Sigapi
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|NR| vs IAF| 2v2 (win)
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